प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६

Functions and Responsibilities of tourist Police:

  • To provide information about travel and security.
  • To ensure a hassle free tour by keeping, hawkers, beggars and street children away from tourist.
  • To assist tourists whenever necessary.
  • To register Tourists' complaints and provide police report in case of theft or loss of items.
  • To maintain safety environment mainly in tourist areas.
  • To inspect hotel, tour, trekking & rafting agencies for safety of tourists.
  • To control unauthorized tourist guides.
  • To forward tourist related criminal cases for legal procedure to District Police and notify it to their concerned embassy.
  • To provide tourism related information.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Always use Authorized Tourist Bus.
  • Always asks for Ticket & keep it safely.
  • Always use Government authorized travel agency.
  • Always beware of your own belongings.
  • Don't use narcotics when staying in Nepal.
  • Never involve in any kind of drug transaction.
  • Always beware of Jewelers & Gems while you are in transaction of these items.
  • Always take care of your all belongings properly.
  • Don't be unnecessary familiar with hawkers & street venders.
  • In case of loss or theft, immediately contact the tourist police or nearest police station.
  • Always notice the taxi & Bus Number before using those vehicles.
  • Never leave your luggage & other valuables unattended at any time any Place.
  • Please contact the bus terminal directly for your ticket. if you purchase the ticket from other agencies, please make sure to obtain all necessary information before using their services to avoid the subsequent  problems.
  • Respect the laws of Nepal.
  • Use authorized porters from travel agency or hotel.
  • Exchange foreign currency only from authorized place and beware of the pick-pocketing.
  • Respect local customs, religious & cultural value.
  • Always carry the certified copies of your documents& leave the originals along with the valuables in the safe deposit of your hotel.


Tourist police sub-section Kaski, Pokhara

Established in: 2063-09-14

Working Manpower: 12 (Inspector-1, Sub Inspector-1, Assistant Sub Inspector-1, Head Constable-5, Assistant Head Constable-10, Police Constable-8, Office Assistant-1)

Contact No.:9856082761, Tel. 061-452761,

Email: touristpolicepokhara@nepalpolice.gov.np

Postal: Tourist Police Office Damside 17 Kaski, Pokhara


Tourist Police Office, Mustang

Established in: 2070/02/02

Working Manpower: 8 (Assistant Sub Inspector-1, Senior Head Constable-1, Head Constable-2, Assistant Head Constable-2, Police Constable- 2)

Contact No.: Tel. 069440375

Email: touristpolicejomsom@gmail.com

Postal: Tourist Police Office, Mustang


 Tourist Police Office, Manang

Established in: 2070/03/02

Working Manpower: 8 (Sub Inspector-1, Senior Head Constable-2, Head Constable-2, Assistant Head Constable-1, Police Constable-2)

Contact No.: Tel: 066-440313

Postal: Tourist Police Office, Chame Gaupalika-3, Manang


Tourist Police Office Ghodepani, Myagdi

Established: 2070/10/03

Working Manpower:3 (Head Constable-1, Assistant Head Constable-1, Police Constable-1)

Contact No.: Tel. 069-410033

Email: touristpoliceghorepani@gmail.com

Postal: Tourist Police Office, Annapurna Gaupalika-6, Ghodepani Myagdi